Window Graphics Create Intrigue for New Projects or Events

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Positive first impressions are essential for businesses trying to entice new customers. To make passersby stop and stare and feel compelled to learn more by entering your store, you’ll need to add some eye-catching visual elements, like window graphics, to your windows.

Promotion Through Window Graphics

Window graphics that are creative, bold, and carry your brand identity, are very effective at growing your customer base and driving sales. They can be a great way to beautify your storefront during renovations or every day. Your windows are perfect canvases for marketing and promotional window graphics.

Coming Soon graphics are excellent promotional tools for exciting upcoming events like the launch of an exciting new product or project or a guest appearance by a celebrity or author of a featured book.

Design Eye-Catching Window Graphics

window graphics by Seamless Wraps
Window graphics that are creative, bold, and carry your brand identit

Window graphics and ‘Coming Soon’ graphics that entice your target audience into your store or to stop and read the marketing message need to have certain elements that attract attention and stand out.


Window graphics that are eye-catching use unique images and vibrant colours to attract attention. Ideally, your window graphics should be rotated on a regular basis to keep interest piqued.


Creative Coming Soon graphics need to stand out from the noise of all the other signage so your audience can expand to more than just who you target.


Bold window graphics naturally jump out and attract attention, and remain in potential customers’ memories long after they’ve been viewed. They may even warrant a photo-op to be shared on social media — a great opportunity for potential sales generation.

Carry Brand Identity

Both regular and Coming Soon graphics need to place your brand identity in a highly visible way so it’s easily read by both loyal and potential customers. The goal is for them to share your window graphics message with their friends and to spread your brand far and wide.

Seamless Wraps’ process in designing window graphics for you first involves getting to know you, their client — your location, ideas, design tastes, and project scope. We then conceptualize your idea and put together a mock-up and estimate. After your approval, design finalization and production occur, followed by the most satisfying step of all – installation!

Installation can take two approaches, either First Surface Installation or Second Surface Installation. The former refers to window graphics installed on the exterior of your window, and the latter, on the interior.

Seamless Wraps warranties all of their work, so your graphics always look stunning. Contact them today to learn how they can take your next project to the next level. 

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